About Me

Hey guys!

Welcome to my page. I made this to show my music to all of you.
If you’re interested in a brief summary of my musical journey, keep on reading…

I learned playing the piano at the age of 7. After 6 years of practicing, I discovered the guitar, I was just stunned by all the professional players out there and what they are creating with this single instrument – Up to this day this is my main “tool” for making music. More than 1 year ago I added the drums. So, now I’m almost able to compose whole songs – besides the vocal part, which I’m planning to learn as soon as possible – completely on my own – although there’s much to learn to create more professional sounding tracks.

Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoyed playing in bands, but at some point, I just had to decide to try things on my own. I hope, that you’ll like my tracks, because the only thing I try to accomplish here, is to reach all of you and I hope,  you enjoy my style of music.

My full name is Markus Huber, I’m 27 and for me the most important things are making music and just having fun in life.

With that said, enjoy exploring my page and listening to my music, feel free to contact me with any kind of regards – this can be personal, musical or about any other topic you can think about. 

If you like my music, I’d be happy, if you visit my Instagram, Facebook and Youtube page or leave a donation on this site. I highly appreciate any form of support, thank you.

I’m looking forward hearing from you and your exciting story.